Effectiveness and Contributions Analysis of PT. Bank Papua Owned Enterprises (BUMD) toward Regional Income (PAD) in Papua Province

  • Elsyan Rienette Marlissa Cenderawasih University Papua


Government of Papua Province by placing the regional enterprises as the one of the assets that will be used to provide a real contribution to the local economy, many steps and efforts put enterprises as an institution that has a chance to be an advance contributor to contribute to the economy and income for the region through the placement funds by the government in business institutions established under Regional Regulation. The placement of these funds will take a role in stimulating economic growth, which may create additional value, employment, and foreign exchange. This research is purposed to determine the effectiveness of the financial capacity of the PT.Bank Papua Owned Enterprises (Ind: BUMD) toward the income target of PT.Bank Papua profit and find out how much the contribution of the Regional Owned Enterprises (Ind: BUMD) on PT.Bank Papua income of Papua Province. The method used is the analysis of the effectiveness and contribution analysis. The results shows that PT.Bank Papua profit is very effective based on the financial balance sheets and PT.Bank Papua income (loss), PT. Bank Papua Deposits have very effective category, PT.Bank Papua postal giro has effective category. PT. Bank Papua financial ratio analysis, liquidation analysis or LDR PT.Bank Papua has a category of highly effective, the analysis of acceptance or BOPO PT.Bank Papua has effective category. Bank of Papua contribution to regional income of Papua Province was the highest in 2010, reaching Rp.23.339.102.363 or 6.00%. Suggestion findings show that Bank of Papua in the growth and development of enterprises needs to be fostered and implemented, especially on the motivation to improve the regional company's operating profit reception for regional income. The efforts can be done through increasing the expertise and the professionalism of its staff and their directors in running the company as a purely commercial business that promotes/prioritize the efficiency considerations. PT.Bank Papua Directors and staff (enterprises) in achieving the profit should be continued to improve the development of the soul and spirit of entrepreneurship.


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